For the sake of Allah, Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa) strived 

Indeed falsehood withered and the truth survived  


He fought against the corruption of Islam, so imperative

He sacrificed his life, and won the historic narrative


Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa) was brutally killed but he did not die

In the hearts of thousands he remains forever alive


His story strikes a chord as we listen to it crying

His love in the heart saves our souls from dying


Helping to heal us and purify our intention

To gain obedience to the One and rise in ascension


Every time our desires have free reign

Imām Ḥusayn’s (ʿa) death becomes in vain


We must ask ourselves a question and answer it with care

Which camp are we really in, during this Karbala affair?


Are we in the camp of Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa)

With those whose love for him fill their veins?


His truly noble and courageous friends

Their souls from selfish desires, fully cleansed


Obedient to Allah and the Imām of their time

They have conquered their selves, sublime


Those that light up the darkness like stars in the sky

They shine bright for those in heaven so high 


They are the true Shīʿah of Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa)

The likes of them not seen on earth again


Or are we on the side of Yazīd?

The slaves of selfishness and greed


Those who sold a life that’s lasting for the fleeting

Love of dunyā (this world) distracting them from Allah’s meeting


They are happy to kill Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa)

Playing and laughing with no shame


Living a heedless life with no goal

Unwittingly killing their own soul


Or are we of those who ran away on their own

And left Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa) behind to die alone


Too cowardly to face the enemies they praised

Too weak of heart to fight the desires they raised


And so they live their lives avoiding responsibility

Immersed in various types of games and futility


Trying to avoid the guilt eating them away

As he dies within their hearts every day


Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa) is the fiṭrah (innate nature of God-consciousness) that keeps our hearts alive

Our conscience without Ḥusayn (ʿa) cannot survive


We must see where we really stand and be true

Make a decision in the war that rages inside of you


An Imām cannot serve and gain victory on his own

He needs loyal supporters who follow him alone


He could not even find 313 loyal followers to succeed

Our Imām (ʿaj) can’t find that number either, do we not heed?


يا ليتَنا كنّا مَعكم

We call  “we wish we were with you”

When our Imām (ʿaj) comes, will our words be true? 


We must preserve Imām Ḥusayn (ʿa) inside our souls

By living like him and his followers as our goal


To be Zaynab (ʿa) in the words we say

And as-Sajjād (ʿa) in the way we pray


Be ʿAbbās (ʿa) in our service to all others

And ʿAlī al-Akbar (ʿa) with our fathers and our mothers


Be Qāsim in his self respect

and Hurr in his introspect


Let’s join the camp of Ḥusayn (ʿa) this Muharram, and be brave

Tell our selve’s desires, “we’re no longer your slave!”


The plains of Karbala represent the recesses of our heart

And we must take up arms so that the struggle can start


Fight the battle inside us and be reformed

So that Muḥarram next year sees us, transformed


Let’s work hard to improve every year with Ḥusayn’s (ʿa) love

So that he would smile on us from heaven above


The one who fights his inner self is the most courageous one

To win the smaller struggle we first need to win the greater one


Our chance to serve with our Imām (ʿaj) is coming near

Let’s get ready and become a believer sincere