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We have placed some of the numerous letters that we have recieved from prisoners here for you to read. You will see their passion and hunger for the knowledge of Islam as taught by Prophet Muhammad and his household (as). Inshallah this will open the eyes of the people to see the situations they are in and how they need our help.


Some of the letters are from Sunni's seeking to convert to Shia Islam or Non-Muslims seeking to covert. After getting the books we have sent by the communitys generous donations they have now become followers of Ahl ul Bayt (as). While other letters are from Shia who had already converted in prison but are in dire need of the proper Islamic literature.

Some of the letters will highlight the oppression they are facing from the Salafi/Wahhabi "Muslims" in t prison with them. They are saying they do not have the adequate material to prove their beliefs and practices, thus they are subjected to being attacked physically and also ideologically. They have little to no shia material and are begging for our help to send them literature to help them in seeking nearness to Allah. 

Countries such as Saudi Arabia have flooded the prisons with books that teach their corrupt ideology of Wahhabism and teach hatred against mankind. These prisoners get out of prison with an extreme deviated mentality and there is a strong possibility they can end up becoming terrorists. We have the ability to combat this corrupt ideology by helping spread the true message of Islam as taught by Prophet Muhammad and his holy household (as).

2nd Chance Books will provide the proper tools for change; Free Islamic books on belief, ethics, morality and family structure in Islam. They can use these books as a tool for self-development and to reform themselves and also their friends, loved ones and communities upon their release. Some of the many benefits of this program are changing prisoners bad habits into good ones; achieving social reform by teaching the morals and ethics of the Holy Prophet and his Holy Household (pbut), molding leaders; producing better citizens who will be active in helping their communities upon their release, promoting awareness of the true teachings of Islam as taught by Prophet Muhammad (s) and his Holy Household (as) and to remove misinformation and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims from the peoples minds.