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Ṣirāṭ Link

Ṣirāṭ Link is a quarterly magazine designed specially for incarcerated Muslims. The title Ṣirāṭ Link is inspired by the Arabic term Ṣirāṭ al-Mustaqīm, which means the right path. Therefore, we pray that this magazine is a means of guidance to the right path and a connection to Allah, oneself, and the broader community. InshāʾAllāh it can serve as an opportunity for growing one’s faith through education. This magazine features articles, poetry, puzzles and a space to write questions to sheikhs. This magazine can be downloaded for free or purchased for a donation that will support our efforts. 


“Brothers, it has been over 7 years since I have been involved with 2nd Chance. I have grown in understanding of my faith and have found your programs assistance invaluable.(…) I will soon go home. My intentions are to go straight to a Howza. I am surrounded by Salafis, which is ver popular with the inmates in Maryland. I am officially not welcomed by them. I am ostracized by this Ummah. I draw my strength by Allah (swt). My faith holds me. I could never turn my back on my Holy Ahlulbayt”. (A.S, maryland)

I have met a brother …who sent me the Sirat Link. I love what I read in [it, and] I want to read myself more. I also see that y’all help incarcerated Muslims. I will love to get religion books to help me grow. Anything that you feel will help me. Dealing with Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Allah knows my heart. (D.R, Florida)


“Dear Brothers & Sisters, I pray that as you read this letter you are in the best of Iman, Taqwa, and health. Assalaamu Alaikum, my brothers and sisters may Allah reward you for the work you do for the brothers and sisters in this modern slavery. I enjoy the Sirat Link magazine and the Islamic Calendar was very helpful. (…)” (J.D California)

“… I have received a wonderful Calendar from you this year and I’m so much appreciative. Thank you so very much. I Love how the Calendar touches all parts of the Earth showing,giving,and providing support to those that are facing some extraordinary challenges. I’m humbled by such different elements that Life has to offer us, and looking @ my situation of a sentence of 468 years to life, then I look at this Calendar I am able to leave my present mind or condition and look at other people’s lives and what they are going through. Thankyou for helping me do that. And of course I now have all the prayer times/and Fasting imsak times. Truthfully,I have never had such a Calendar this beautiful,this informative of all prayer times. Thank you for thinking of [your] brother,may Allah Bless you all. (…)” (M.P California) 

“…thank you for sending me the Sirat Link. Please continue to do so. I just took my Shahada. I am a new but firm believer. Am eafer to learn more about Islam…” (X.M.A Florida) 

… I would like to just thank you all for what you do. First, I would like to thank Allah (ta). I’ve read many books sent to me from 2nd Chance (…) I pass them on spreading the teachings of Islam by way of the Messenger (saw) and the Ahlul – Bayt (a). In fact the last book read by me was “Death the Beginning of Life”. It was very eye opening. I learnt so much from reading this book. (…) Well just wanted to thank you all. May you guys keep up the great work inshaAllah.” (T.J North Carolina) 




Gift a prayer rug to a Muslim behind bar

Gift a prayer rug to a Muslim behind bar

Gift a prayer rug to a Muslim behind bar

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