Ṣirāṭ Link

The title Ṣirāṭ Link is inspired by the Arabic term Ṣirāṭ alMustaqīm, which means the right path. Therefore, we pray that this magazine is a means of guidance to the right path and a connection to Allah, the broader community, and one’s self. InshāʾAllāh it can serve as an opportunity for growing one’s faith through education.
This magazine is under the guidance and oversight of Moulana Nabi Raza Mir Abidi, Resident ʿĀlim of SABA Center, and several other scholars and experts.

Sirat Link Summer 2021 Volume 2 | Issue 4
Sirat Link Winter 2021 Volume 2 | Issue 1
Sirat Link Spring 2020 Volume 1 | Issue 1
Sirat Link Summer 2020 Volume 1 | Issue 2
Sirat Link Fall 2020 Volume 1 | Issue 3
Sirat Link Winter 2020 Volume 1 | Issue 4