Who is Hussain is a global grassroots organization seeking to build compassionate communities. We aim to achieve this by carrying out meaningful local initiatives seeking to work for the common good and producing thought-provoking written and video content for our global audience. The organization and our volunteers are all inspired by the timeless legacy of Hussain ibn Ali (ʿa), a beacon of goodness, and the values he stood for; those of compassion, justice and dignity. 


We have our headquarters in London and over 60 teams worldwide. Our teams carry out hundreds of charitable initiatives ranging from organizing blood drives to helping the homeless throughout the year. To date, collectively, our teams have provided meals to more than half a million people, saved 22,400 lives through numerous blood drives and close to 400,000 acts of kindness have been undertaken – all in the name of Hussain. We have over 23 teams across North and South America engaging in a wide variety of events which support their local communities